Collection Of Academic Robe And Smart Card

  1. Please bring the following documents:
    • Identification Card (myKad)
    • Payment slip/receipt
  2. Collection by representative is allowed. Please fill in the form and attach together with a copy of student and representative’s IC.
  3. Students/representative who positive COVID-19 are not allowed to attend the academic robe collection.
  4. Please refer to instruction and information’s related to the collection of robe placed at the entrance to the collection venue.
  5. Sizes are limited. Please arrive early and follow the schedule.
  6. Students are NOT allowed to try and to change the size.
  7. Before leaving the counter, please make sure the items are received completely:
    • Set of academic robe (robe, hood and mortarboard/beefeater) according to your category – Diploma, Bachelor, Master or PhD.
    • Smart card
    • Invitation card for Guests
    • OUM Sling Bag
    • Convocation Bag


Graduates Collection Date Time & Venue
Session 1 and 2 25 October 2024 (Friday) 8.00 am – 5.00 pm
Perhentian & Redang Room
Aras 3, WTC Kuala Lumpur
Session 3 and 4 26 October 2024 (Saturday)
Session 5 and 6 27 October 2024 (Sunday)
Session 7 and 8 28 October 2024 (Monday)


How To Wear Your Academic Robe

Important Information