MK28 Protocol

  1. Please gather at ANJUNG MERDEKA, LEVEL 4 by 7.30 am (morning session) and 12.30 pm (afternoon session).
  2. Please bring your academic robe and don’t forget to bring your smart card. Graduates without academic robe and smart card will not be allowed to enter the hall.
  3. You are not allowed to bring in personal belongings other than the smart card. The University will not be responsible for lost belongings.
  4. Please follow the instructions on how to wear your academic robe as stated in the video. The video can be viewed in the MK28 Portal and during academic robe collection.
  5. Wearing a face mask is optional, but Graduates are allowed to wear the face mask in the hall.
  6. Please follow the dress code as below
Protokol Pakaian

Important Information