Degree/Diploma Certificate and Official Academic Transcript

  1. Name printed on the above-mentioned documents is based on the graduand’s existing records (as posted in the portal myOUM>myProfile). Payment will be charged for re-printing of academic scrolls and transcripts.
  2. Degree/Diploma Certificates and Academic Transcripts would be issued to graduands subject to the settlement of all outstanding payments and the return of the academic robe during the robe returning period. Graduands should present their personal identification documents (Identity card/matriculation card) during the collection period for certificates and academic transcripts.
  3. Collection on Behalf Via Representative (Download the form).
      • The form must be signed by a witness who should either be a Grade A public sector officer or a Commissioner of Oaths.
      • Please attach a copy of the personal identification documents (both applicant and representative) and submit to the person on duty.
      • Copy of payment receipt for graduates who did not attend the convocation (RM90.00 per person)
      • OUM reserves the right to reject any application that is incomplete.
  4. Delivery via Poslaju
    • For delivery by Poslaju, the following should be attached:
      • The form “Application For Delivery Of Scroll and Academic Transcript” (Download the application form),
      • A copy of the applicant’s personal identification documents,
      • A copy of the receipt for payment of RM100.00 for graduates who are not attending the Convocation
    • Certificate and transcript will be mailed to the graduate’s correspondence address by Poslaju National Courier. Please provide the correct address to avoid delivery problems.
  5. Collection on behalf via a representative or postal delivery is discouraged due to security and confidential reasons. Also, there is no guarantee that the documents will reach the graduates safely. Hence, OUM shall not be liable for damage or loss of the documents.
  6. Graduates are advised to keep their degree/diploma certificates safely as replacement certificates will not be issued.