27th Convocation Ceremony

Heartiest congratulations to all students on the completion of your studies in OUM! To celebrate your achievements, we are pleased to announce that the 27th Convocation Ceremony will be held on 14 – 17 October 2023 (Saturday – Tuesday) at Merdeka Hall, World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur (WTCKL).

Please take note on the important information for all Graduates.

  1. Category of learners who qualify to join MK27
Category Remarks
PhD & Doctorates
  • Completed studies by the January 2023 Semester.
  • Submitted VIVA correction report (PGR09-2: POST-VIVA CORRECTION REPORT BY STUDENT) by or before 15 April 2023.
Master’s Degree
  • Completed studies by the January 2023 Semester.
  • Submitted project/practicum/industrial training/internship report latest by or before 15 April 2023.
Bachelor’s Degree & Diploma
  • Completed studies by the January 2023 Semester.
  • Menghantar laporan projek/ praktikum/latihan industri/internship sebelum atau pada 15 April 2023;
  1. Graduation status and list of session will be available at the 27th Convocation Portal according to the following details:
Item Date of Checking
Graduation status Completed studies by May & September 2022 Semester
Mulai 1 April 2023 secara berperingkat.
Tamat pengajian pada semester Januari 2023
Mulai 1 September 2023 secara berperingkat.
Listing of Sessions From 1 September 2023 onwards, in stages
  1. 3. Names of graduates listed in the 27th Convocation portal will be used for the diploma and degree certificate and official academic transcript. Therefore, all graduates are advised to check and ensure that your name and student number are correct.
  2. Kadar yuran konvokesyen adalah RM400 untuk semua graduan.
  3. Graduates are advised to refer to myAcademic Progress in myOUM Portal to determine the status of their studies.
  4. Graduates will be given the opportunity to take part in only the Convocation for which their name is listed. This means postponements will not be allowed.
  5. Only graduates who have settled the fees, including convocation fees, will be allowed to take part in the Convocation..
  6. Graduates are advised to regularly refer to the 27th Convocation portal for the latest information, to download relevant information, and to take the necessary actionn to avoid any problems or complications.
We look forward in receiving you to MK27 this coming October. For more info, kindly email to secretariat_konvo@oum.edu.my. Congratulations and kudos for becoming a part of the OUM Alumni family!

Thank you.

Convocation Secretariat

Important Information